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Writings on music

published & in progress


Music and Love

in progress

​New Instruments for New Music


in progress/forthcoming


Donald Bousted (1957‐ 2021)
A Tribute—and ‘Mini‐Review’ of 19.5

May 2023


​In Opposition and In defence of serious music

CD Booklet, KAIROS 0015067KAI

January 2020

A Bob Gilmore Festschrift—Introduction

Tempo No 278

October 2016​

Programme Note—Sonata: In Opposition

Song after Song, Monday Evening Concerts

Zipper Concert Hall, LA

16 March 2015

Bill Hopkins Archive Handlist

MSS & writings at Paul Sacher Stiftung

with Nicolas Hodges


Some thoughts about intonation

Keynote, UK Microfest 1, Walton-on Thames

October 2005

CD Review—Bill Hopkins Complete Piano Music

Nicolas Hodges

Col Legno WWE 1CD 20042

Tempo no 215

January 2001

Centre for New Musical Instruments

Feasibility Study

Department of Design & Technology

London Guildhall University

with Lewis Jones

July 2000

21st Century Orchestral Instruments

Acoustic Instruments for Alternative Tuning Systems

Arts Council of England


CD Review—Bill Hopkins & Anthony Gilbert

Wells, Bălănescu, Music Projects/London, Bernas


Tempo no 188

March 1994

Barraqué, Broch, Heidegger

A philosophical introduction to the music of Jean Barraqué

in English

Cahiers d'Etudes Germaniques

Revue Semestrielle 1989 no 16

Barraqué, Broch, Heidegger

Introduction philosophique à la musique de Jean Barraqué

in French—trans. Jean-Philippe Guye

Entretemps Numéro 5 edition spécial Jean Barraqué

Octobre 1987 Paris

downloads available on desktop & tablet only



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