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Patrick Ozzard-Low 

In Opposition


Piano Sonata No 2          Andrew Zolinsky

Sonata: In Opposition     Elisabeth Smalt (solo viola)

"The first thing to note about the music of Patrick Ozzard-Low is that if we let it, it will take us to some unusual imaginative regions. Initially we seem to find ourselves in the world of high modernism, but as we become accustomed to the air this impression quickly dissolves. In both of the two substantial sonatas on this disk, the clearest sign of this occurs in the relationships between the movements. The first movement of each sonata presents a late echo of modernism, the next is something else: what? A reaction, a balance, a retreat, a criticism, of what came before? Something is being said here, but what is it?..."

(from the CD note by Frank Denyer)

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Previous responses to these pieces

‘total integrity, focus and communicative power’ (Paul Griffiths)

'arresting for the almost Brahmsian felicity of its none the less barn-storming avant-garde idiom...' (Paul Driver, The Times, London)

'perhaps closest to Barraqué's Piano Sonata—which has the quality of Beethoven on 12-tone steroids—in spirit if not in sound, structure or style…' (Mark Swed, LA Times)

'What a stupendous piece. Amazing, brilliantly conceived and written with a fiery passion and intensity that leaps off the page. A major achievement.' (Michael Finnissy)


These first representative recordings—capturing the spirit and detail of my music—are a dream come true.

With infinite appreciation, I thank everyone concerned. Above all, Elisabeth Smalt and Andrew Zolinsky for their dedication and fabulous performances: what a privilege to work with these two wonderful artists. Also, profound thanks to Elisabeth for her sympathetic assistance throughout. Equally, I thank Guido Tichelman (Azazello), world-class recording engineer, who made the superb recordings. Working with all three has been a joy.

There are other wonderful people to thank too. Paul Griffiths, who, together with Justin Urcis, took the risk of programming Sonata: In Opposition at Monday Evening Concerts in 2015, setting the whole project in motion. Frank Denyer, for his enthusiasm and encouragement from start to finish, and for the introductory text. Blandina Brösicke for her terrific translations, and sparing no detail. Gemma Varney for her genius photos. Also, John Godfrey, Richard Gonski, Suhail Merchant, Nina Targan Mouravi, Truus Tichelman, Michael Turnbull and Ruth Wiesenfeld, who were all extremely generous and without whose help the journey would not have had the same destination. Last but not least, I thank Martin Rummel and all at KAIROS for their support, perfect design and production—and for giving the music the chance to be heard.

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