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Patrick Ozzard-Low 

In Opposition


Piano Sonata No 2          Andrew Zolinsky

Sonata: In Opposition     Elisabeth Smalt (solo viola)

Stunning performances of two substantial solo sonatas—the first professional recordings of Patrick Ozzard-Low's music. Available from KAIROS on CD, and streaming platforms such as High-Res Audio, Primephonic, Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal etc.

0015067KAI_ozzardlow_webcover - Colour E

Patrick Ozzard-Low 'fell in love' with the Sonate pour piano by Jean Barraqué in 1978, and not long afterwards resolved to study composition with Bill Hopkins—the brilliant but short-lived British composer who was Barraqué’s only compositional pupil/disciple. Ozzard-Low's early work took impetus particularly from Barraqué, and to a lesser extent from Hopkins and Luigi Nono. Later, his attraction to 'natural' intonation and radical microtonality led him to found the Centre for New Musical Instruments in London. However, since 2007, his music has become increasingly tonal and melodic whilst remaining instinctively exploratory. His composition catalogue contains about 80 works (or around 160 pieces, depending how you count them), but the vast majority of these remain 'work in progress', in a sense deliberately. He is also engaged in writing / completing two books: New Instruments for New Music and Music and Love. Occasionally he plays the piano in concert, but only his own music.

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